Tips for Prison Consultants In search of Wealthy Clients

Most people believe money is the root of all evil…and also love, happiness, and success. That’s why so many people aspire to cultivate wealthy clients. These wealthy individuals have the means to spend more money on services, but they are often much harder to reach than your average consumer. They’re not just anyone; they are… Read More

The Tragedy of Billie Holiday and America’s War on Drugs.

The war on drugs is a slogan used to refer to an administration-led initiative that seeks to stop unlawful drug use, distribution and trade by significantly increasing prison sentences for both drug dealers and users. Some people believe it began in June 1971 when U.S. President. Richard Nixon declared drug abuse to be “public enemy number one”… Read More

Jeffrey Epstein’s Suicide Shows the Gaping Hole in the MCC Federal Prison Suicide Prevention Program.

If it’s true that only one of the two people guarding Jeffrey Epstein normally worked as a correctional officer, it’s not an excuse for his death. I personally served as the lead person on the suicide watch team while housed in F.C.I. Fort Dix. The program consisted of approximately  12 inmates who were trained under… Read More

Damon Cooke’s battle for a fair parole hearing.

Most inmates deserve a chance to get out of prison. One of the purposes of the criminal justice system is reform, after all. It is my opinion that if you committed a nonviolent crime and/or if you show true remorse for your actions, you should receive a chance at parole. Violent crimes committed against women… Read More

If Bill Cosby heads to prison will his life be in danger?

With the clock ticking at a snail’s pace for Bill Cosby’s victims, time is rapidly spinning for the famed comedian who will be sentenced Monday September 24, 2018. I’ve been flooded with calls all week for an opinion on how Cosby will fare should Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill sentence him to prison and… Read More

Solano State Prison Staff Offers a Unique Opportunity For Seven Distinguished Inmates

If I mentioned the names Brian McCann, Brian Unden, Lieutenant John Ojo and Dr. Kenya Williams, their names would not ring a bell to most people outside of Solano State Prison. Inside of Solano State Prison they are in control of one of the most amazing opportunities I’ve come across in my 34 years of… Read More

The Difference Between Change and Growth Whether In or Out of Prison.

For most inmates, the path to rehabilitation can be long and arduous. It involves a lot of self-analysis and time spent on their own self to realize just where they made their mistakes and how they can improve themselves for the future. Prison rehabilitation means that inmates come out knowing where they made mistakes and… Read More

What Paul Manafort is experiencing after his first three days in prison.

No longer will the lobbyist, political consultant and lawyer enjoy the freedom of kissing his wife, hugging his children or petting his dog. A peaceful nights sleep is also off the table along with popping open his refrigerator to chug a cold a beer or enjoy a yogurt. While his long time friends and family… Read More

“Larry Nassar will not survive long in prison” says Prison Consultant John Doc Fuller.

The prison culture of killing child molesters and sex offenders will never change. Sex offenders like Larry Nassar have and will always be the bottom dweller of all inmates. Murderers, drug dealers, bank robbers, and car thieves all consider sex offenders the ugliest monsters that exist in and out of prison. Known snitches who routinely… Read More