Johns Story

John grew up in Keyport, NJ. As a wayward youth, he dabbled in petty crimes. At the age of 23, John moved to Los Angeles, where he was seduced by the money and perceived glamour that accompany a life of crime. His crimes escalated. John’s criminal behaviors eventually caught up with him. He served one year in a state prison for forgery. Eight months later, he was arrested again and spent the next 10 years behind the bars of more than five federal prisons for conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

The Turning Point

John experienced the worst of humankind behind bars. But, he refused to let that destroy him. He vowed that he would turn his life around and encourage others living on the edge to do so as well. As soon as John was released in 2002, he began coaching others who were facing incarceration about how to make the best of their time in prison. In 2004, he formalized his coaching by founding Prison Coach Speaking. He is currently one of the most sought-after prison coaches in the world.


John’s Life Today

In addition to being a nationally-renowned prison coach, John is also an acclaimed motivational speaker and author. John energizes his audiences to live his motto – Motivation. Determination. Transformation.  John is living proof that no matter how bleak a situation is, motivation and determination can lead to transformation. He inspires audiences to change their ways, push one step further, and accomplish something new, regardless of circumstances.

John is also the author of The Ten Prison Commandments: The Ten Rules You Must Know Before You Enter a County Jail, State or Federal Prison and A Day in Prison: An Insider’s Guide to Life Behind Bars.

When John is not on a speaking assignment or coaching clients, he enjoys spending time with his wife, children, working out at the gym, and adding to his extensive tie collection.