If I mentioned the names Brian McCann, Brian Unden, Lieutenant John Ojo and Dr. Kenya Williams, their names would not ring a bell to most people outside of Solano State Prison.

Inside of Solano State Prison they are in control of one of the most amazing opportunities I’ve come across in my 34 years of being involved with the prison system whether inside or out. They’ve made a conscious decision to approve of content for a radio series titled “Uncuffed” which is produced inside the prison.

I call the men who produce the radio series Solano’s Magnificent Seven. For decades, these men have called various prisons their home. Like all inmates, love, hugs and affection are as rare as hyenas bullying male lions.

It’s obvious to Lieutenant Ojo, Brian McCann and others that they believe in rehabilitation and instead of imposing stringent rules and routines twenty four hours a day, year around, they’ve decided to provide the hand picked Magnificent 7 with an opportunity that is theirs to lose.

I can not say enough about KALW 91.7 FM.  They are an independently operated National Public Radio National Public affiliate who has made an effort to produce not only original but also informative programs for the San Francisco Bay area. Uncuffed is supported by the California Arts Council with and receives funds from the California Department of Corrections.

Uncuffed stories from Solano State Prison has a phenomenal podcast. I encourage everyone to check out this link, http://www.kalw.org/term/uncuffed#stream/0, to experience masterful story telling.

To read the incredible stories of these men who produce the podcasts click here:  Solano’s Magnificient Seven







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