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A Day in Prison: An Insider’s Guide to Life Behind Bars

Twenty-four hours pass slowly in a prison. A Day in Prison will help new inmates understand what’s ahead of them, hour by hour, and how to deal with the many challenges. From doing laundry in “the hole” to surviving a fight, this book offers invaluable advice for both prisoners and their families, as well as plenty of first-hand stories.

Prison Coach John “Doc” Fuller illustrates what life is like behind bars from morning roll call to lights out, and a comprehensive description of the official prison rules and the inmates’ “real” rules. The prison culture, detailed here, is maintained by violence; Fuller teaches inmates how to interact with convicts, prison guards, and administrators in different situations, so as to avoid bodily harm as much as possible, insisting prisoners embrace their new life as a cog in a system they cannot change. Fuller also offers specific suggestions for filling the hours in ways that benefit inmates in their daily prison life, provides meaning, and even prepares them for release. Also included is updated contact information for resources and helpful organizations.

A Day in Prison is structured like an actual day in prison, tracking where in the building an inmate might be at any given point in a twenty-four hour period, what they should be doing at that time, and what to watch out for. This realistic, thorough guide is based on the author’s own time in a federal penitentiary and his years coaching people―from soccer moms to NBA stars―on how to survive on the inside.

A Day In Prison has been praised by:

Sal Luciano (Nephew of Charles “Lucky” Lucciano) who stated “It was difficult for me to read this, as it brings back memories I have long worked to forget. I commend John for this effort, and I would recommend A Day in Prison to anyone entering prison, as well as to the families who have someone going into the system.”

Doug Burns, Fox News Insider writer and former US attorney  “I highly recommend Doc Fuller. . . . He takes the mysetery and much of the stress out of the equation.” 

Lawrence LaSalle, administrative law judge  “If you break one of the unwritten prison rules, it could cost your life. Therefore, if you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance where prison is your living situation, I recommend reading this book.”

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The Ten Prison Commandments 

The Ten Prison Commandments
My first of several short books to come was released and enjoyed by many who have never set foot inside a prison as well as those who have!

The Ten Prison Commandments: The Ten Rules You Must Know Before You Enter a County Jail, State or Federal Prison

Do you want to know what could happen to you or a relative if they don’t shape up? If you are on the verge of breaking the law or heading to prison for the first time, the ten unwritten prison rules (commandments) outlined in this book can possibly save your life. Please, abandon the belief that you will can lead a fulfilling life breaking the law. More important, please do not believe that because you are wealthier, smarter, physically stronger or more privileged you can automatically survive in prison. This short publication covers a lot of ground, but it will not cover every scenario you may face in prison. Why? Simply put, the environment inside jails and prisons vary according to their security levels. The culture of the inmates who have an influence in these facilities and the staff members who run them will also differ. But once you get a grasp for the basic rules by which prison culture operates, you should be able to adapt these commandments as needed. The rules in this book address the primary causes of violence in the inmate subculture resulting from a process called “Institutionalization.” Institutionalization occurs when one adapts to and depends on the laws or unwritten rules within a structured or well-established system. Life in prison often causes inmates to consciously or unconsciously relinquish their independence and responsibility. If you are not conscious of offending others while adjusting to the often cold, unbending prison routine that deprives you of privacy and freedom, you can easily succumb to violence. This can be avoided if you know some basic principles that apply regardless of the setting or culture.

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A Collection of Letters By Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners To Stop Mass Incarceration Of Our Youth: DISMANTLING THE NEW JIM CROW

Letters To Our Sons” A Collection of Letters By Prisoners & Ex-Prisoners To Stop Mass Incarceration of Our Youth [Ending The Cycle of Generational Despair/Negativity/Imprisonment] DISMANTLING THE NEW JIM CROW.  Based upon a true story(s), a non fiction book/podcast. The Journey of Purpose, An Excursion Through Americas Most Dangerous/Worst Streets & Penitentiaries, The Essence of Rehabilitation & Redemption, and The Life & Times of People growing up under The New Jim Crow,  Addressing the Sheer Essence of Rehabilitation/Prison Reform/Community Reform, reminding us that “the true administration of justice is the firmest pillar of good government”, addressing conflict resolution within the Black Community (in fighting amongst Civil/Religious Leaders, Law Enforcement, Rival Street Factions, within Hip Hop, etc.), moving from Destruction to Construction and the Challenges with Muslims against American/Eurocentric Leadership & Thought Process, and what needs to be done for the growth, development and producing of more Noble Peace Prize Leaders, ultimately resulting in a more Noble World!!!


This book has been created to show that though adversities arise in our lives, we were born to overcome them to win and achieve greatness. No matter where we are in this world, we are more alike than different when it comes to facing challenges. A winning transformation mindset starts within. We are all born to win! Prison Coach John “Doc” Fuller’s story is  featured in this publication.

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