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John Doc Fuller specializes in helping first-time offenders who will soon enter prison for the first time. He played a key role in developing the modern face of the prison consulting industry, and  provides many unique services for the first time inmate. Celebrities, veterans, politicians, professional athletes and high profile white collar criminals have used Prison Coach Speaking & Consulting. Some you have read about or seen on TV.

As your prison consultant he will assist you with organizing your affairs before you surrender, adjusting to your new life and understanding the rules (the unwritten ones, too). He will prepare you for the psychological impact you will experience. In addition, you will learn how to behave and operate in a way that may reduce your chances of getting into altercations that may get you physically injured. If you have children, John understands that you have special needs before your sentence, and works with family members who will be your support network.

John’s Prison Consulting program prepares clients thoroughly. The system works by teaching you the key principles of prison survival. When you surrender, you should be drug and alcohol free. You will learn how to become more powerful mentally and you will know the rules of the prison. You’ll know how various confrontations occur and how you should handle them. Most importantly, as your prison coach, he will educate  you and your family about relationship preservation, and prepare them for the stresses of life when a loved one is behind bars by utilizing their available resources.

Once you have completed your federal or state sentence, he will not let you down.  John  will help you re-adjust to a normal life and will provide the support you truly need.

If you want to serve your sentence and come out a better person, his prison consulting program is the solution for you. There are no other prison consultants as qualified, experienced, or innovative as John Fuller.


Request a prison consultation 732-831-7400


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