Prison Coach Teaches Criminal Defense Attorneys Continuing Legal Education Classes

NBC News: O.J. Simpson Released From Nevada Prison on Parole

O.J. Simpson’s Life on Parole: An Expert Weighs In

What it’s like to meet with a celebrity prison consultant

Interview With Page Six Regarding Lamar Odom

Joe Giudice Releases Statement After Turning Himself In 

Interview with Page Six – New York Post: Joe Giudice wont be having sex in prison

How Real Is ‘Get Hard?’ Prison Coach Reveals How Actual White-Collar Criminals Prep for Jail

The Ten Prison Commandments: Convict-Turned-Consultant Releases Crash Course to Surviving Life Behind Bars. Hailed a “Masterpiece” by Critics

Prison Consultant John “Doc” Fuller to Speak at ITT Technical Institute to Criminal Justice Class at Plymouth, PA

Interview with Loaded Magazine

Prison Coach Welcomes Dr. C Tyrone Jennings as Director of Mental Health Services – (February 20, 2013)

Prison Coaches Prepares Convicts for Incident Free Sentence! – (Nov. 28, 2010)

The Prison Journey of Muslim Extremist Faiscal Shahzad – (July 1, 2010)

With Lindsay Lohan Out, Paris Hilton Takes Her Turn in Batter’s Box, Affirm Prison Coach Experts John Fuller and Steve Oberfest – (July 8, 2010) (Aug, 2009)

Coniglio Joining the Prison Crowd  (November 16, 2009)




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