Most people believe money is the root of all evil…and also love, happiness, and success. That’s why so many people aspire to cultivate wealthy clients. These wealthy individuals have the means to spend more money on services, but they are often much harder to reach than your average consumer. They’re not just anyone; they are busy high-profile professionals who don’t have time to respond to surveys or cold calls asking, “Can I help you prepare for prison?” So how do you go about getting wealthy clients? Read on for a few helpful tips for cultivating wealthy clients as a prison consultant.

Be clear about what you do and who you help

Before you even think about reaching out to any potential clients, you need to be clear about what you do and who you help. Nearly every inmate coming home from prison believes he can be a great prison consultant. Many have misled potential clients by embellishing their prison experience. This will only confuse your potential clients and harm your reputation. The more integrity, value, and professional you are the more wealthy clients will look for you!

Use your network to find current and former clients

If you can talk to criminal defense attorneys, you likely have access to a network of potential clients, even if he or she rarely has clients who will end up in prison. Your network can include financial advisers of wealthy clients, media personalities, as well as current and former clients. You don’t want to just stick to your usual networks, though. The best way to find clients is to approach people you know, but who might not be in your usual circles. While you of course should not try to sell people who have no interest in your services, you can often find people who are curious to know more about what you do.

Be mindful of your messaging

You can cultivate potential clients by using your online presence to market your prison consulting services. The key here is to be mindful of your messaging. Not only in what you say but also in how you say it. You will be working with clients that are stereotyped. Be mindful of how you represent yourself and your prison consulting services. This can range from what you say on your website and in your social media posts to how you portray yourself on public forums. Understanding your target market will help you make the right decisions when it comes to where you spend your advertising dollars. I no longer spend money on advertising dollars. I’ve been a prison consultant for nearly 20 years and have established a brand that speaks for itself.  You can do the same if your experience matches the quality of your service.

Take a break from social media

While social media can be a useful tool for marketing your business, it can also often lead to an unhelpful cycle of outrage and outrage-based sharing. If you are active in various social media spheres, you might want to take a break from them for a while. This can help you avoid getting caught in the trap of spending your time engaging with people who wish to fight with you. Make sure that your social media presence is adding value to the world. It may also give you a chance to catch up on other tasks like reading, writing, and spending more time with family and friends in the real world.

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