Captivating and Inspiring Motivational Speaker

John’s compelling story of transformation from prison to prosperity has inspired audiences around the country. Book John for your next event if you are looking for a keynote speaker to:

  • Educates attorneys on how to to prepare their clients for prison (CLE Course)
  • Motivates veterans who are struggling to obtain employment
  • Educate at-risk youth on the importance of making good choices
  • Inspire young adults to set and achieve high goals

Attendees leave John’s keynote speeches feeling energized, empowered and motivated to succeed. Fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of this page or call 732-831-7400 to discuss how John can inspire your organization.

Most Popular Keynote Speeches

Are You Crawling, Walking, or Flying?

John shares his personal journey from engaging in self-destructive behaviors to transforming his life by living the mantra of Motivation. Determination. Transformation. Through real-life examples, John challenges audience members to assess obstacles, limitations, and strengths in their lives. He shows them how to focus on their strengths, strive for success, and achieve greatness by maximizing their abilities.

Change Your Mind. Change Your Life.

Focusing on what you can’t do is like driving in the fast lane to nowhere. John helps his audience ignite their inner passion for achievement, reveal blind spots that could be sabotaging their success, and transform unproductive habits into new pathways to succeed.

Are Your Dreams for Sale?

Negative friends, self-destructive habits, and bad attitudes/ideas are the archenemies of success. John teaches audience members how to let go of this toxic trio and listen to their inner voice that can empower them to achieve their dreams.

How Bad Do You Really Want It?

Distractions on the road to success can lead us off-track. John pushes the audience to understand the importance of sacrificing ephemeral wants to achieve long lasting goals. He motivates audience members to want success so badly they can taste it.

Custom Presentations

In addition to his keynote addresses, John can create a customized presentation that specifically addresses your organization’s goals.

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