Uplifting and Compassionate Motivator

Our veterans have devoted years of their lives to serving our country. While most veterans successfully re-enter civilian life after their deployment, a significant minority can’t. This can be due to a number of factors, including: opioid addiction due to injuries sustained while fighting, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and/or lack of relevant work experience to bridge back into a civilian job. This can cause some veterans to engage in self-destructive behavior that lands them behind bars.

Once these veterans are released from prison, finding a job with a felony record is even harder. John partners with individual Veterans Affairs (VA) offices to motivate these veterans to take full advantage of the VA employment programs. He inspires them with his own journey from engaging in criminal behaviors that landed him behind bars to becoming a successful businessman. He also reminds veterans how courageous and motivated they were in the military and prompts them to harness that inner passion to find gainful employment.

John concludes each veterans’ talk with a Q&A session. During this session, John listens to the individual concerns of each veteran and gives personalized advice to anyone who asks. If necessary, he will provide individual counseling for the veterans who seek further guidance from him. He is truly dedicated to helping those who served our country.

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