The prison culture of killing child molesters and sex offenders will never change. Sex offenders like Larry Nassar have and will always be the bottom dweller of all inmates. Murderers, drug dealers, bank robbers, and car thieves all consider sex offenders the ugliest monsters that exist in and out of prison. Known snitches who routinely look over their shoulders feel a sense of relief when sex offenders like Nassar arrive in prison. Inmates prone to violence often shift their priorities from informants to childmolesters. Sometimes pedophiles are stabbed with the purpose of simply sending a message and having them removed from the prison but other times it’s to eradicate them as they did the innocence of their victims. Why?

Society tends to forget that most inmates are parents. The feelings and emotions of being a parent do not cease once you arrive in prison. They watch the news intently when helpless victims who were raped, molested or killed confront their accusers in court. The pain, hurt and disgust touch inmates deeply. They quickly identify with the victim as well as their parents. Particularly if the inmate suffered sexual abuse as a child.

Larry Nassar’s fate has been sealed. He will likely try and hang himself before suffering the horrific death that is eagerly awaiting him. I know all too well that inmates throughout every prison in Michigan are waiting to get a less than one minute with him. There is also a high likelihood that officers will purposely put Nassar in a position to be killed by leaving his cell door open, walking off the tier to use the rest room, etc. If he is in a prison that will require 23 hours per day lockdown with one hour for recreation, the officer will may turn his back and ignore Nassar’s cries for help. It’s never been a secret that officers let inmates know who they don’t like. If meals are served in a cafeteria (mainline), a heads up will be given so that the pedophile is taken out.

Most of the politics within his future prison are already playing out. Since he’s white, there is a likelihood that the Aryan Nation or Skin Heads will claim the rights to kill him. If Nassar were black, the Bloods or Crips would likely exterminate him. The Nortenos or Mexican Mafia would handle it if he were Spanish. It’s rare that races cross the lines when it comes to murdering a sex offender. When the cannibal and serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was killed by Christopher Scarver, it was a shock to some inmates because Scarver was African American and Dahmer was White. Officers left Scarver alone in a locker room and shortly thereafter Scarver caved Dahmer’s skull with a 20-inch 5-pound weight bar. Scarver justified the killing because he felt Dahmer made fun of the victims and how he chose to eat them. The lack of remorse infuriated Scarver to no end.

Inmates will not care about Larry Nassar’s former social status anymore than the defrocked Catholic priest John Geoghan who was murdered in prison after being stalked and killed by Joseph Druce. Druce was serving a life sentence and like 99% of inmates, hated the priest for his rape and molestation of more than 150 young boys over a span of 30 years.  Druce struck when one officer escorted an inmate to the medical wing which left one officer to watch over the rest of the inmates in the housing unit. Druce managed to lock himself in a cell with Geoghan. By the time the officer realized what was happening he and four other officers were unable to save Geoghan because Druce managed to wedge the door shut and kill Geoghan by strangulation and blunt force trauma to the chest.

To segregate inmates such as a snitches or pedophiles from potentially violent inmates is nearly impossible.  The kinds of prisoners in protective custody can vary from state to state, and does not automatically include all child molesters and informants. Dangerous inmates that no longer wish to be involved with gangs still harbor resentment and can be under the same protective custody as pedophiles such as Nassar. Gaping holes in identifying these violent men in protective custody with Nassar will only expedite his murder.

Until Nassar is killed or commits suicide he will have feces and urine thrown in and around his cell. The prison wheels of justice have already begun turning and it’s my guess that despite all protection, Nassar will not survive more than two years. No doubt to the delight of his victims and their loved ones and inmates throughout the country.

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  1. I agree with you that child molesters are the bottom of the barrel in prison, but your statement that Nassar will be killed is unfounded, otherwise there would be no child molesters in prison as they’d all be killed. Jared Fogle, a child molester, has been in prison for 2 years now and while he was assaulted once, he’s still alive.

    Jeffrey Dahmer was an introvert and an outcast in the outside world and that followed him in prison where he didn’t adjust well and this resulted in his death.

    Nassar, while also being a child molester, was well balanced with a family and a prestigious job. I don’t believe that his comparison to Dahmer is accurate.

    1. Thank you for commenting. Jared Fogle isn’t in the same category as Dahmer and Nassar. He solicited 17 year old prostitutes and collected child porn. His longevity is a little longer in a low security prison and chances of survival are better than being in a medium or high security prison. While he was clearly a pervert, he had no history of rape or murder of children. Again, Fogle paid for sex and collected child porn. Colin Hatch, Leslie Bailey, Dahmer and vermin like Nassar manipulation and brutality. Never confuse medium and high security prisons with lows and camps. I’ve been in them all. The U.S. Court system has always protected child molesters by keeping them in low security, camps and prisons dedicated to protecting them under the guise of rehabilitation. Why? Because they know the likelyhood of them surviving in a medium or penitentiary is slim to none. My first cousin James Guthridge is housed in the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Avenel, NJ. He’d never survive prison and I can’t with all honesty say I’d be sad if he were sent there. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      1. Thank you for your response. You mentioned “The U.S. Court system has always protected child molesters by keeping them in low security, camps and prisons dedicated to protecting them under the guise of rehabilitation. ”

        I haven’t followed the case of Larry Nassar so I’m not sure if this has already been determined, but seeing as Nassar is a child molester, could he not also end up in a low security prison to protect his safety? Also, I thought I’ve heard in the past that high profile inmates can also be kept in solitary confinement or housed with other inmates that have committed similar crimes.

      2. Nassar has been sentenced to 60 years. That would disqualify him from a low or medium on a federal level. He’s going to a high security. He will not survive on an open compound like Lewisburg or even Terre Haute. I believe the Bureau of Prisons will designate him to Terre Haute Penitentiary if there is room.

      3. not true..there is several meduim security somp facilities colordo..all meduims ..theres even a usp high that is a somp yard where teh worst of teh worst are sent for maximum security..camps are usally for hands off offenses like porn mostly..theres many meduim security prisons that are sex offender..jarred fogel is also in ameduim security somp yard

      4. he will probably go to usp tsucon a somp yard usp.or terre haute in terre haute he will be placed in teh cmu or isolation probably no one goes to lewsburg unless you have dicplanary infractions from other prisons

      5. Jared is in FCI Englewood low. I know and still know guys that worked their way down from USP Lompac and USP Lewisburg to camps. Their lives were full of violence but they were never convicted for violent crimes. You are far from correct in stating that camps are for mostly porn and sex offenders. A designation to a federal prison camp is based off 1. History of violence 2. Less than 11 points, 3. No history of escapes or anyone consider the risk to the public. Child Pornography is not considered a hands-off offense. Thanks for commenting let’s just wait and see what happens

  2. For my own knowledge, would you happen to know, what would be the maximum sentence an inmate can serve to still be eligible for a low or medium security prison?

    1. You should have less than 20 for a federal low and less than 30 years to be in a medium. They can play favorites and it’s a fact because Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years and was designated to the medium security prison in Butner, N.C. He has at least 120 years left but did not designate him to a penitentiary. It was a last ditch effort to preserve a corrupt rich man

      1. I can’t really speak on Federal prison because I’ve never been to one. I can however, speak on what the reality would be in a Texas state prison. Nassar would be sent into general population, unless he himself requested protective custody. Anything short of protective custody, which is the same as Administrative Disciplinary Segregation in Texas, Nassar wouldn’t make it. He may make it for awhile if he has money that can be extorted or turns out to be particularly good at performing sexual favors, but none of that would last long. It wouldn’t matter whether the unit was Max, Med, or Min, it would be understood when he arrived that whoever put him under their wing would only be doing so temporarily to use him. Once the objections to his presence become to loud, he will be cut loose and “green lighted” for those objecting to his presence. The outcome would not be pretty. People of his character rate somewhere between a cockroach and a piece of shit, disposable either way in the eyes of inmates and officers alike. I couldn’t imagine the Federal system being that much different in this aspect.

  3. Jeffrey Dahmer’s case is different due to the fact that he crossed racial barriers in his choice of victims. He preyed mostly on Black men. This is why it was considered appropriate, for prison politics reasons, that a Black man took him out.

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