Most people regard prisoners as lowlife thieves, murderers, drug dealers, and white-collar con artists who cannot be trusted or rehabilitated. For the most part, they are right. Prison is a jungle full of nothing but predators. This means the first person who tries to help you will likely have an ulterior motive. You will be in a vulnerable state emotionally. After all, you’ve left your family, friends, and trusted associates behind. You are the equivalent of a newborn, because you have no experience in your new environment, and there’s absolutely no one you can trust. Seasoned inmates recognize this, and they will be quick to exploit your weaknesses.

You will probably be asked questions such as “Where are you from?” “How

much time do you have?” Or “What are you in prison for?” Then you will likely hear the infamous follow-up questions: “Do you want some snacks, deodorant, shampoo, sneakers, or stamps?”

Your answer to each of these questions should be a firm “No.” The only exception you might want to make on the first day in prison is using shower shoes. Prison showers contain semen, germs, and fungus. The last thing you need when embarking on your new life in prison is a skin infection on your feet. Inmates customarily offer shower shoes to new fellow prisoners. There is a general consensus in prison that no one wants to begin his incarceration by picking up a nasty foot infection. Your other alternative is to use the cheap, low cut orange or blue sneakers they issue inmates when processed into the institution.

Some prisoners are looking for a way out. If you think revealing your

involvement in some elaborate but unsolved Ponzi scheme, inside trade, murder, or drug deal you pulled off is the way to endear yourself to other inmates, think again. It’s flat out stupid and reckless to brag or divulge information about unsolved crimes you committed on the outside. Your fellow inmates will leap at the opportunity to help federal or state authorities solve the crime in the hope that doing so will reduce their own sentence. Prisons are flooded with a new breed of criminals who are flat out weak. Real gangsters and stand up guys are as rare as an eclipse. Inmates can also be wired as confidential informants.

In addition, do not be fooled by those who want to introduce you to their female friends, who will write, visit, or bring drugs into prison for you. They will turn your two-year term into a life sentence by involving you in schemes to

smuggle drugs and other contraband into prison. If you have a wife by your side, please respect her. She is all you need!

Most inmates do not have money, so they will be very interested to see what you can afford once money is posted to your account. Then they will see how they can use your money against you. Some inmates will merely want to borrow items you have purchased or have you purchase items for them from the commissary. Others will extort your money from you or force you to join their gang.

It is wise to wait months before opening up to anyone, but even then, do not trust anyone completely. Remember: Even your most trusted confidante was someone else’s friend before he met you, so don’t think your personal business will not be leaked out and used against you at some point. Assume the worst of everyone.

If you simply exercise patience and pay attention to what is going on around you, it is easy to spot inmates with quick tempers and bad character. It will also be easy to hear the gossip and watch prison schemes unfold. If you see trouble brewing, go to another area immediately.

Likely, the trouble is related to gang conflict, a bad debt, or lack of respect. If you are hanging with guys who are gang banging, drinking, drugging, gambling, or smoking you will suffer the consequences for those bad choices.

Sex Offenders

Pedophiles, rapists and sexual predators please read this several times.

Keep your mouths quiet because inmates will find out who you are sooner or later. The wheels of justice turn very slow for you sick vermin. There will come a time when you are exposed. Once that happens you will feel what your victim(s)

felt. All dignity will be lost and cries for help ignored. The courts rarely make trash like you pay the full price for the heinous acts you commit but don’t worry, inmates happily pick up the tab. Ironically they may lift your head like the predator if given enough time to trap you one on one. Will you deserve it? Probably so but if you’re honest the question should be “Did my victim(s) deserve to be physically, emotionally, psychologically or verbally abused?”

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