U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller, who presides in the Middle District of Alabama, has sauntered away like a raccoon in the night from a domestic violence case with a meager plea deal that avoids prison time. As a prison consultant, I’d strongly suggest that he complete everything mandated and keep his hands off his wife before he eventually lands in prison. If he fulfils his obligations that are mandated by the court it may well expunge the case from his record. However, there is also a chance he will sit behind the bench in the future.

According to various media reports, the couple, from Montgomery, Ala., started arguing during their stay at the downtown Atlanta Ritz-Carlton about his alleged affair with a law clerk, and  it escalated into physical violence (as most cases are when the guilty mate is caught in the act). Unlike Ray Rice, their two sons were witnesses to their mothers injuries suffered. Fuller hit his wife Kelli in the mouth, pulled out lumps of her hair and heaved her on the floor at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Atlanta. According to police their hotel room smelled of alcohol when they entered the room. Fuller was sitting on the bed, clumps of hair were on the floor and blood was on the bathroom floor. After the paramedics treated her at the crime scene, she refused to be transported to the hospital; however her 18 year old son Hunter drove her and his 11 year old brother home.

It’s astonishing how these two equally brutal attacks on women were disproportionately covered in the media. You can’t turn on the television without seeing the horrific footage of Ray Rice left hooking his wife off her feet. The only witnesses were the video cameras in the Atlantic City Casino’s elevator and hotel parking garage.

Many people still have no knowledge of Mark Fuller’s vicious beating of his wife despite being arrested by police. Both men are rich. Is it race? I think not. Ray Rice is rich but then again Mark Fuller has power. Most people in the world understand that money can buy freedom however, when you combine money and power you become untouchable. Proof was in the pudding when “no” Alabama media outlets covered Fuller’s hearing. How could that not become a newsworthy event? What covered Fuller was a barrage of silence. From the Governor Robert Bentley to Alabama’s Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore it was so quiet you could hear a mouse urinate on a piece of cotton. Both men should have something to say regarding Fuller’s or any other judges “fitness and character” while sitting on the bench in Alabama. Why did U.S. Attorney George L. Beck, Jr., in Montgomery get whip lash and refuse to look at the case? If you look at his record as a U.S. Attorney, he’s known for conducting grand jury investigations in cases such as this. Who would’ve thought Alabama had a bunch of soft, weak, cowards in their mainstream media?  No in-state news outlet produced an original investigative report on Fuller’s beating of his wife. Again Ray Rice is rich, but he’s not powerful.

Kudos to the NFL for having an anti-domestic violence policy. Ray Rice will only enter the NFL again if he demonstrates that he’s taken any and all counseling and help seriously and that is no guarantee. Now let’s turn the channel to the federal judiciary. They have no anti-domestic violence policy for its judges. There is no fear of fellow judges for any violence against anyone nor an alcohol or substance abuse policy! How can anyone respect the federal judiciary when it knows one of its judges beat his wife with immunity and may have conducted judicial proceedings while he was high on coke, marijuana or alcohol? He didn’t deny being drunk on alcohol during the evening he beat his wife. Perhaps several of his cases should be probed if his addiction is so egregious that it’s affected his ability to sit on the bench with the integrity it should have.

If anyone is wondering what the process of removing a federal judge from the bench, the process is this:

Article 2,   Section 4 of the Constitution states: “The president, vice president and all civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Because federal judges are considered civil officers, they are subject to this rule. 

Article 3   mentions good behavior of judges, without defining it. this is taken to mean that the reasons for impeachment of a federal judge aren’t limited to criminal acts.

The impeachment process begins in the House of Representatives, with passage of articles of impeachment by a majority vote. The articles of impeachment state specific allegations of wrongdoing. The second step in the process is a trial in the U.S. Senate on the allegations. To convict someone who has been impeached, a two-thirds majority vote is required by the Senate. If convicted by the Senate, the accused is immediately removed from office.

As a prison consultant, I would never take Mark Fuller as a client. Any prison consultant that would consider preparing a sick vermin like Fuller to prison probably never did time in a high security prison. While I hate the thought of anyone going to prison, it may very well be the place he learns his lesson. Inmates hate rapists and women beaters; however his power against their power may be what the doctor ordered.


Looks like the federal judiciary has grabbed the top spot for role models until Tyga and Two Chainz come out with their next rap album. Fortunately and for now, no fan has to cheer Ray Rice and purchase his Jersey. As for Mark Fuller aka Mr. rich and all-powerful, no person has to stand before such a despicable piece of garbage and say “Yes your honor.”

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  1. There is such hypocrisy when people of wealth and influence commit the same crimes as others. The court and law enforcement officials just “tap” these people on the hand while throwing the book at the poor. That is why people like this federal judge continue to get away with breaking the law and feel entitled to get off through high-powered attorneys. There is clearly a double standard when it comes to prosecuting the law.

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