With former inmates, wardens, case managers and jail house lawyers opting to become prison consultants, the question I’d like to ask is: How can you obtain consistent referrals from attorneys if you advertise that you specialize in filing 2255 habeas corpus motions, early release after visiting the parole board and prison transfers?

Prison Consultants who opt to advertise these services are stating “Thank you, Mr. Attorney, for referring this client to us, and by the way, we will file a motion against you due to ineffective assistance of counsel.” Can a prison consultant honestly expect an attorney to feed the mouth that will bite his hand?” Most prison consultants are dumb enough to believe so.

Under the Sentencing Reform Act, federal civilian defendants sentenced for offenses committed after November 1, 1987, would no longer be eligible for parole. So why would a prison consultant advertise this service?

Federal Prison Consultant John Fuller fiercely believes that proper pre and post incarceration must encompass total bio-psycho-social assessment. If a prison consultant does not have a trained professional to provide this service he or she should pay one handsomely to provide the service.  A bio-psycho-social reflects their understanding that human beings are biological, psychological and social creatures all at the same time.

Any prison consultant who builds their business, based on a model of promising early release via the parole board, filing legal remedies that promise the overturning of sentences after a 2255 habeas corpus motion is submitted to the District Court will never succeed in this industry.

They are in neglecting a client’s psychological needs and pitting yourselves against attorneys who may have utilized your services otherwise.  Essentially consultants are scaring clients into paying for services that should be handled by an experienced attorney.

Prison Coach Fuller’s advice? Find another industry because you are damaging this one!

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