John Fuller –
 President & CEO

President & CEO, John "Doc" Fuller
President & CEO, John “Doc” Fuller
  • Trained for 6 years at FCI Fort Dix Psychology Dept
  • Public Speaker 25 years
  • John has served 10 years in federal prison at high, medium and low institutions.
  • Two years in New Jersey prisons
  • Specializes in helping inmates adjust to prison
  • Facilitated group, private and suicide counseling
  • John has established a 12 week adjustment program
  • Certified to facilitate Anger Management, Criminal   Lifestyles, and alternatives to violence

Experience in working with ex-felons to prevent recidivism upon release Mr. Fuller served a 10 year federal sentence for Conspiracy to Possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance. During his incarceration from February 1993 through August 2002, Mr. Fuller   was housed in FCI Ashland, Kentucky, FCI Fairton, NJ, FCI Fort Dix, NJ and FCI Loretto, PA. In 1993, he was housed in Lewisburg and Atlanta Penitentiaries for several months waiting designation  to a permanent facility. He was also housed temporarily in FCI Petersburg, Virginia and in Oklahoma City. His ability to transition in High, Medium and Low security prisons throughout the Northern, Southern and South West Regions of the U.S. is an asset to anyone facing incarceration.

While in FCI Fort Dix he volunteered his time to establish and facilitate programs in the Psychology Department. He served as the lead member of the Psychology Departments Inmate Suicide Watch Team from  1997 to 2001. In addition he authored the 12 Week Mentoring Program which was implemented as part of the Psychology Department’s Programs to assist inmates who were having a difficult time transitioning in prison.

John uses his powerful speaking abilities and personal experiences to educate, empower and motivate people to create a better life for themselves and their communities. He has been featured on Fox News, Entertainment Tonight and various local new stations, and has been quoted and interviewed by several national and international print and electronic media outlets.

John goal is to inspire people to change and grow, and move in a positive direction.

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