Clients expect their lawyers to produce successful results. You and every law firm you compete with work to ensure these clients receive satisfactory services. By linking with Prison Coach Speaking & Consulting, you can differentiate your firm by providing extraordinary services.

When was the last time your firm brainstormed ideas and formulated a plan to improve client service? When was the last time your firm asked its best clients to provide customer feedback in order to enhance your services and boost clientele? You have a HUGE chance to differentiate your firm if you make client service a priority. 


5 Reasons Why Criminal Attorneys and their Clients Need Prison Coaching:

  1. Client service is not an integral part of the firm, office or practice group strategy.
  2. Client service is not financially rewarded in compensation or bonuses.
  3. Client service is not part of the firm, office or practice group culture.
  4. Client-focused strategies are not commonly taught by senior or junior lawyers.
  5. Client services are not ensured by systems to be carried out.

About Prison Coach

Prison Coach John Fuller has over 14 years of  specialization in prison Consulting.

For the past 10 years, clients have trusted Prison Coach to properly prepare them mentally to complete their incarceration. John makes the self-surrendering process less painful for clients. I know how to get the job done right—quite simple!

Each client’s case is handled by Prison Coach Speaking and Consulting who has experienced life in prison ranging from low security  to penitentiaries, in contrast to using attorneys or former prison staff members who have never lived and experienced prison life.

I  have a passion for working with Veterans and have a record of working with indigent clients facing prison for the first time.

Prison Coach has Experience Consulting First Time Offenders Convicted of:

Mail Fraud, Government Fraud, Tax Evasion, Financial Fraud, Securities Fraud, Insider Trading, Kickbacks, Public Corruption, Embezzlement, Trade Secret Theft, First Time Inmates, Antitrust Violations, Computer/ Internet Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Telemarketing Fraud, Bankruptcy Fraud, Health Care Fraud, Environmental Law, Bribery, Counterfeiting, Money Laundering, etc.

Personal Service

  • The secret to my success is that I do not pass judgment and maintain 100% confidentiality agreements with all of our clients.
  • All Clients must be 100% drug and addiction free at their time of surrender.
  • All Clients will learn most written and unwritten Bop and State Prison rules.
  • All Clients and their families will be educated on relationship preservation behind bars.

Prison Coach Speaking and Consulting Advice

If an attorney or anyone else claiming to be a prison consultant does not have experience in the following procedures/events associated with incarceration including: attending admissions and orientation once inside a prison;  witnessing prison violence; having been strip searched; being designated to a prison more than 700 miles from his home; being required to budget 300 minutes per month on the inmate telephone system for years, then he/she may not have the experience, the skills and the special knowledge that is necessary to consult someone who is preparing to go to prison. I OFFER THIS EXPERIENCE and CLE Training to Attorney’s who are seeking to educate themselves on the circumstances first time offenders face.

What Sets Me Apart?

Each attorney’s client will be consulted by someone who has experienced life inside low security prisons through penitentiaries—NOT former prison staff members who have never lived in prison.

Prison Coach Speaking and Consulting respond promptly to all attorney and client phone calls. I provide straight answers and offer a free consultation to all clients. Prison Coach accepts referrals from attorneys.

About Prison Consultant Fuller

John Fuller is the President of Prison Coach Speaking and Consulting. He was raised in Keyport, NJ along the Jersey Shore and lived in California for several years. John served 10 years in federal prison at high, medium and low institutions. From 1993 to 2002 he served as the lead member of the Fort Dix Psychology Departments Inmate Suicide Watch Team.  John also authored the 12-Week Mentoring Program which was implemented into the Psychology Department’s Inmate Programs curriculum in 1997 to assist inmates who were having a difficult time adjusting and coping with life inside prison.


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